Three Head Mortar Grinder

Three Head Mortar Grinder

【Capacity】: 30g/mortar
【Mortar Quantity】: 3 mortar heads
【Application】: It is mainly used for sample analysis in metallurgy, building materials, chemical industry, coal, hydropower and other laboratories, and can also be used for dry fine grinding equipment for a small capacity of materials.

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Laboratory three-head mortar mill, also called three-in-one automatic agate mortar and pestle, also known as mortar and pestle grinding mill. It is a grinding equipment for dry grinding analysis samples. It automatically replaces hand mortars and pestles with electronically controlled high-performance drives for efficient and uniform grinding of small batches of material. It is the standard equipment for analysis, sorting, inspection and testing. It is mainly used in metallurgy, building materials, chemical industry, coal, hydropower, commodity inspection, geology and other departments, and large universities and research institutes laboratories. It can also be used for quality inspection, environmental protection inspection and other related parties to grind a small batch of materials.

We provide a variety of laboratory grinding equipment with uniform grinding particle size and wide application range, which has won unanimous praise from customers worldwide!


  • Automatic mortar and pestle provide efficient and uniform grinding;
  • The grinder can be operated with one type, or with two or three materials at the same time;
  • The material is easy to take out from the mortar; different materials can be selected for grinding settings;
  • The transparent cover can be used to allow closed grinding to prevent cross-contamination of samples;
  • This machine does not require special foundation installation, easy to operate, and low noise during operation.
Three Head Mortar Grinder

Product Structure

This Laboratory three heads mortar grinder mainly comprises the upper three sets of grinding heads, clutches, mortar supports, motors, localizer and other parts.
The grinding head, mortar support and clutch are evenly installed on the swivel base at 120° each other. The support plate and electrical equipment are installed on the front of the base; a motor is installed on its left side. To meet the requirements of grinding various materials, there are partitions between the three pairs of grinding tools to prevent samples from mixing with each other.

【Working Principle】
1. Loading: Lift the grinding head up and place it on the seat cover, take off the cover on the mortar, put the material to be ground into the mortar, put the cover on, and put down the grinding head.
2. Grinding: Start the motor and turn the clutch handle clockwise to close the friction clutch to make the grinding head and mortar rotate to grind the material.
3. Unloading: Turn the clutch handle counterclockwise to disconnect the friction clutch, so that the pestle and mortar stop moving. Lift the grinding head and take off the bowl cover, and put the material receiving container on the corresponding position of the material receiving rack. Turn the long handle located to the left of the mortar so that the mortar swivels up to rest above the catcher. Use a brush to brush the powder in the mortar into the receiving container. After the material is unloaded, reset the mortar and start charging again.
4. Transposition: When the motor is rotating and the grinding head needs to be exchanged, use your left hand to lightly press the locator handle cover at the lower left of the receiving frame. The upper part of the mill can rotate by itself, and when it turns to 120º, that is, when the other mortar reaches the discharge position, it stops automatically. When it is necessary to transpose when the motor is not running, the operation method is the same as before, and you need to lightly turn the turntable with your right hand.

Technical Parameters

ItemXPM-Φ120*3 Mortar Grinder
Mortar Diameter (mm)Φ120
Mortar Quantity (ea)3
Pestle Speed (r/min)220
Mortar Speed (r/min)9
Feed Size (mm)-1.5
Discharge Size (mm)-0.074
Capacity (g/mortar)30
Electricity Supply380V/50HZ
Power (w)370
Weight (kg)105
Dimensions (mm)770×740×470

Mortars and pestles can be made of ceramics, corundum, alloy steel and other materials according to the special requirements of users. Please contact us!

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