XMCQ Ceramic Ball Mill

XMCQ Ceramic Ball Mill


【Feed size】:≤2mm

【Application】: Suitable for laboratory research minerals, wet or dry grinding. Contains minerals such as bentonite, zircon, or other materials that avoid iron contamination.

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XMCQ Ceramic Ball Mill is a laboratory-type mixed iron grinding equipment. It can be used in metallurgy, building materials, chemical industry, light industry, coal, hydropower, agriculture, geology, national defense and other departments for dry and wet grinding of certain ores and other materials that avoid iron pollution. Among them, the ordinary ball mill will produce iron powder during processing, which will contaminate the sample. This ceramic ball mill can solve this problem.
For reducing or grinding hard materials such as minerals, glasses, advanced ceramics, minerals for ceramics and semiconductor materials to a particle size of 1 micron or less. Particles are ground between the grinding media through many impacts as the vessel rotates and the media is lifted and cascaded down. Ceramic lined mills scale up well and actually increase performance with larger diameters.
Remark: The customer can according to the material property and weight to adjust the ball quantity.

JXSC provides a variety of laboratory mining equipment. And how to choose the appropriate ball mill and rod mill, according to the material to improve the quality of the finished product.


1. Exquisite design, small and compact structure;
2. Multi-functional, easy to use; the output size is uniform;
3. For wet or dry ultrafine dispersion and grinding of paste and powder, no pollution;
4. Perfect grinding medium, good flatness, smooth surface, bright, high density and high strength;
5. High hardness, good wear resistance; ceramic lining, strong corrosion resistance, low wear loss.

XMCQ Ceramic Ball Mill

Product Structure

The right end of the cylinder has a plug for the ore port, and the left end has a cover for the ore discharge port. When working, use a wrench to tighten the compression bolt in a clockwise direction, so that the sealing rubber pad on the ore discharge port cover is closely connected with the end surface of the cylinder to play a sealing role. When discharging ore, just turn the compression bolt counterclockwise.

【Working Principle】
The cylinder body and the large belt pulley are connected as a whole with screws. One end of the cylinder is an opening, and the other is a hollow shaft: the two ends are respectively supported on a pair of supports and a main bearing. The bottom bearing housing and support frame are mounted on the support frame and can be rotated 180°. The support plate is mounted on the frame with two bearing housings. The support plate is mounted on two bearing housings on the rack. The turntable can rotate around 22.5°, 67.35° and 90° horizontally. The ore loading, discharge, rod removal, and anti-rust liquid filling can be completed by controlling the handle and aligning the plate.

Technical Parameters

Cylinder Size5.1L17.9L
Fee Size≤2mm≤2mm
Discharge Size≤0.074mm≤0.074mm
Motor Power0.55KW0.75KW

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