XMGQ Bond Ball Mill Work Index

XMGQ Bond Ball Mill Work Index

Grinding MethodDry grinding

Feed Size ≤ 12.7mm

【Application】It is used to measure the grinding work index of various ores, slag, and other materials.

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XMGQ Bond work index ball mill is mainly used for grinding work index determination of ores, slag, and other materials, a measure of grindability and power required for grinding applications. Machines are used in laboratories throughout the world. 

The Bond Ball Mill Work Index is a unique ball mill work index tester. It is used to determine the grind-ability of materials and help choose the most suitable type and grinding equipment. The grinding work index indicates the grind-ability of cement raw materials and mixtures. The principle of its measurement method is that after the materials are ground to a balanced state by a specified mill, the grinding work is calculated based on the number of finished products produced by the mill per revolution. The index indicates the degree of difficulty of material powder grinding. This equipment is the key for determining the grinding work index, also known as the Bond work index mill, widely used in teaching and scientific research departments for testing the grind-ability of cement raw materials and mixtures.


  • Used to determine the work index of grinding of ores;
  • For lab testing or small-scale grinding;
  • Low price but fast delivery;
  • High quality & Stable performance;
  • Speed adjustable and time settings available;
  • XMGQ work index ball mill control part is mainly composed of digital display, automatic counting, automatic shutdown, and other circuits;
  • Applied to stew, tin, gold, and other rare and precious metals;
  • Use and installation do not require a foundation or workbench, are easy to move, and have a small footprint.
XMGQ Bond Ball Mill Work Index

Product Structure

The main structure of the XMGB work index ball mill is composed of the main engine (including motor, reducer, cylinder, positioning pin, etc.), material receiving accessories and electrical control, and other parts.

The barrel lining of the main machine is in a wave shape as a whole and is fixed to the opening at one end of the barrel by countersunk screws for feeding and discharging. During the ball mill grinding process, turn the handle to lift the latch if the tipping angle is required. At this time, pull the positioning latch and put it into the corresponding arc groove, and then turn the handle to adjust.

【Working Principle】
Same as a general ball mill, the Bond ball mill puts materials of a certain particle size and weight into the ball mill, puts a specific size and a certain number of steel balls into the ball mill, conducts dry grinding at a particular number of revolutions, sieves and weighs the product, repeated many times, after calculating the grinding work index (kWh/t)

Technical Parameters

Drum Size(mm)Ø305×305Ø305×610
Drum Speed(r/min)70±0.546±0.5
Motor Power(Kw)0.751.1
Ball Added(Kg)20.56833.38
Feed Size(mm)<3.2<12.7
Feed Volume(cm3)7001250


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