XMQL Pilot Ball-Rod Mill

XMQL Pilot Ball-Rod Mill

【Capacity】: 150Kg/h

Feed Capacity】: 6-200Kg/h

Application】:It is used for continuous grinding operations by individual mineral processing research institutes and pilot plants; it is used to study and determine ore grinding capacity indicators in mineral feasibility study tests; it can also be used as ground fine materials for mineral processing plants or other industries.

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XMQL Pilot Ball-Rod Mill, also known as Continuous Ball-Rod Mill. This closed circuit rod mill with spiral classifier is used for wet grinding or determining grind ability mineral, chemical or industrial feasibility tests and can also be used to study ore indices in pilot plant applications. It mainly comprises a 420×600 grid ball mill, a 150×1400 spiral classifier, a 35-liter swing feeder, and a 90×600 spiral conveyor, forming a closed-circuit ring grinding setup. It can complete continuous cutting and grinding operations, and the power plant water supply system is installed.

No additional infrastructure is required for installation. After unpacking, install the four anchor screws on the lower part of the rack, clean the packaging grease, check the lubrication, and connect the water pipe and power supply. Test drive, confirm the operation direction, and operate according to the operation sequence.

JXSC provides various laboratory mining equipment, and choose the appropriate lab ball mill and rod mill for you, according to the material to improve the quality of the finished product.


  • It is equipped with ore feeding classifier and screw conveyor combined closed circuit system, which can obviously improve the grinding effect and multi-functional integrated mineral processing;
  • Strong adaptability, stable performance, low energy consumption and high output;
  • Installation does not require other infrastructure, and it is easy to operate and maintain;
  • The four motors are independently driven, can be controlled individually, and have sufficient power;
  • Made of thickened steel, quality assurance and long service life.
XMQL Pilot Ball-Rod Mill

Product Structure

XMQLΦ420×600 continuous overflow rod mill is mainly composed of feeding part, grinding part, discharging part, classifying part and conveying part. Equipment includes ball mill, screw classifier, swing feeder, and conveyor.

【Working Principle】
1. Feeding part
It consists of a vibrating feeder with a silo and a volute feeder. After opening the gate of the silo, the material is evenly and continuously fed into the volute feeder, and the volute feeder brings water to the barrel. The amount of feed is adjusted by the gate opening and the drum's rotating speed.
2. Grinding part
The grinding part is Φ420×600 lined with 6 corrugated manganese steel liners. Two pairs of drums support the drum, and two rims are welded outside the drum. A ring gear near the feeding part drives the drum to rotate and is meshed by the driving gear.
3. Discharge part
The ground product overflows and discharges from the discharge end, and automatically flows into the spiral separator depending on the slope of the discharge chute. The upper end of the discharge chute is welded with a hose joint connected with the water supply pipe through the rubber hose. The water supply pipe is connected with the cock to adjust the water volume. A shield is inserted outside the tank to prevent the slurry from splashing.
4. Classification part
Use the feed hole of the outlet chute as one of the support points at one end. The whole spiral classifier can be rotated at a certain angle to achieve different purposes.
Requirements for inclination: the other end is supported by a screw rod, and the handwheel with sleeve nut is turned to adjust the inclination to control the amount of sand returned and the fineness of overflow.
5. Conveying part
The conveying part is a φ90×600mm screw conveyor connected with a screw classifier and a volute feeder. In the casing, the sand from the spiral classifier is evenly and continuously fed into the volute feeding casing. The sand and raw ore in the classifier are sent to the drum of the rod mill through the volute feeder.

Water supply and power supply system
1. Water supply system
There is a water inlet through which water is supplied. The feed part and the discharge part are supplied with water to meet the working water demand of the two parts.
During operation, on the one hand, pay attention to check the water source and check the sealing condition of the water pipe joints. On the other hand, since the two water inlets are of vertical structure, the impact of purple light should be avoided to cause pipeline damage. In order to ensure the grinding and grading effect, the water source can use a constant pressure water tank.
2. Power system
The different parts of the mill are driven by independent motors and can be controlled individually.

Technical Parameters

1. 35L Swing Feeder2. Φ90*600 Spiral Conveyor
Bin Volume (L)35Diameter (mm)Φ90
Vibratory Frequency (RPM)19Length(mm)600
Feed Capacity (kg/h)6-200Spiral speed (RPM)38
Motor (Kw)0.12Motor (Kw)0.12
Motor Speed (RPM)1400Motor Speed (RPM)1400
3. Φ420*600 Grinding Mill4. Φ150*1400 Spiral Classifier
Mill Shell Size (mm)Φ420*600Diameter (mm)Φ150
Mill Speed (RPM)


57Length (mm)1400
 Mill Volume (L)80Overflow End Width (mm)240
Capacity(Kg/h)150Tilt Adjustment Range (°)15°30’,22°

Motor Model


100L-6Spiral Speed (RPM)18,23,30
Rod Charge (kg)50 (Φ25)

45 (Φ35-Φ40)

60 (Φ30)


Power (Kw)








Feed Size (mm)≤6Feed Size (mm)≤6
Discharge Size (mm)≤0.074Discharge Size (mm)≤0.074
Feed Volume (Kg/h)700Feed Volume (cm³)700
Motor (Kw)2.2Weight (Kg)800
Motor Speed (RPM)


920Maximum Return Sand Ratio (%)300

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