Dry Lab Roller Magnetic Separator

Dry Lab Roller Magnetic Separator

【Capacity】: 5-25 Kg/Hr

【Feeding size】: 0-5 mm

【Roll Rotating Speed】: 55 r/min

【Application】: Lab research institutes such as metallurgy, geology, building materials, etc.,

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The Dry Lab High-Intensity Roller Magnetic Separator(XCQG Type) is applicable to dry separate weakly or strongly magnetic minerals in labs of research institutes, and geological prospecting units in metallurgical, geological, and building material industries. It introduces a close magnetic circuit with a double working face and comprises Excitation System, Driving Mechanical Feeding System, Product Clean-up, and Collection System. An electromagnetic vibrating feeder delivers minerals to the separation area and allows them inerals to automatically be divided into magnetic and non-magnetic minerals by controlling the magnitude of magnetizing current when passing through magnetic gaps for discharge, achieving the separation effect.

Dry Lab Roller Magnetic Separator

Product Structure

【Dry Lab Roller Magnetic Separator Structure】
The XCQG dry roll magnetic separator is composed of an excitation system, transmission mechanism, ore feeding system, and product cleaning & collecting parts.
1. Excitation system
It consists of a fixed magnetic pole, a series of rotating magnetic poles, an excitation winding, and an excitation DC power supply installed on them. The upper and lower magnetic poles are arranged in parallel.
2. Transmission mechanism
The worm gear reducer decelerates the DC motor, the transmission stick rotates the magnetic pole, and the rotating magnetic pole rotates at 55 rpm. In order to reduce the volume of the motor, the DC motor is powered by half-wave rectification with silicon components.
3. Feeding system
It is composed of an electromagnetic vibration feeder, ore storage funnel, feeder cone, and baffle.
4. Product cleaning and collection part
It consists of a product receiving tank, a separation plate, a heavy hammer cleaning brush, and an ore storage container.

【Dry Lab Roller Magnetic Separator Working Principle】
An electromagnetic vibrating feeder delivers minerals to the separation area and allows the minerals to automatically be divided into magnetic and non-magnetic minerals by controlling magnitude of magnetizing current when passing through magnetic gaps for discharge, achieving the separation effect.

Technical Parameters

ModelXCQG120 x (30+30)
Roll SizeØ120x(30+30) double-side (mm)
Magnetic Intensity1400(1400 GS) adjustable  (MT)
Roll Rotating Speed55 (r/min)
Pole Gap4, 6, 8 adjustable
Pole Pitch33 (mm)
Capacity5-25  (Kg/hr)
Feeding Size0-5 (mm)
Power500 (VA)
Overall Dimension(L*W*H)360*450*460  (mm)
Weight75 (Kg)


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