Automatic Falling Weight Deflectometer (FWD)

Automatic Falling Weight Deflectometer (FWD)

【Power Supply】220V 50Hz
【Hammer Weight】450KG
【Moving Speed】0~120km/hour
【Multi Point】Yes
【Testing Speed Per Point】25-30s

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A falling weight deflectometer (FWD) is a testing device used by civil engineers to evaluate the physical properties of pavement in highways, local roads, airport pavements, harbor areas, railway tracks, and elsewhere. It is an ideal equipment for comprehensive testing and one of the most advanced non-destructive structure testing equipment of road surface strength in the world. Our automatic falling weight deflectometer can ensure road safety and people’s lives.  We supply portable, light, and heavy falling weight deflectometer.


  1. The deflection detection has high precision and fast speed, reaching the international level of similar products.
  2. Full Automatic.
  3. Multi-functional and Professional.
  4. Strong and durable trailer base plate.
  5. Equipped with self-developed data processing software, professional and practical.
  6. GPS location and temperature measurement.
  7. Simple operation and a high degree of automation.
  8. DMI distance detection system can automatically record the position of each detection point without manual intervention.
  9. The system has the ability of fault self-diagnosis and convenient maintenance.
  10. The system is equipped with safety self-locking function to ensure the safety of the product when the vehicle is running at high speed.
  11. The software adopts a graphical user interface, which is intuitive, simple to operate, and powerful. It can realize the linear fitting and exponential fitting of the measured data of the deflectometer and Beckman beam.
  12. Synchronized turn/ break/ backlight and head warning light with the tractor.
  13. The generator can be equipped with a high-efficiency battery and rechargeable motor. The continuous use time can be more than 48 hours.
Automatic Falling Weight Deflectometer (FWD)

Product Structure

FWD(Falling Weight Deflectometer) consists of a Trailer (including loading system and displacement sensor) and microcomputer control system (including control and data acquisition and processing). Its working principle is: under the control of the computer, the heavy hammer of a certain quality is lifted to a certain height by the hydraulic transmission device and falls freely. The impact force acts on the bearing plate and is transmitted to the road surface, so as to apply pulse load to the road surface, resulting in instantaneous deformation of the road surface. Sensors distributed at different distances from the measuring points detect the deformation of the surface of the structural layer, and the recording system transmits the signal to the computer, That is to measure the dynamic deflection and deflection basin under the action of dynamic load. The test data can be used to calculate the modulus of the pavement structure layer, so as to scientifically evaluate the bearing capacity of the pavement.

Technical Parameters

Hammer weight450KG
Moving speed0~120km/hour
Testing speed per point25~30s
Deflection typemagnetoelectric speed sensor
Deflection sensor q’ty1~9pcs selectable(standard config is 9pcs)
Deflection range±2500um
Deflection accuracy2%
Deflection repeatability1%
Loading force12~150KN (can extend to 250KN)
Loading pulse shapeessentially half-sine
Loading repeatability2%
Loading resolution0.1KN , 1Kpa
Temp. Measuring range-50C ~ 100C
Temp. Resolution0.1C
Temp. Accuracy0.50%
DMI sensor typepulse coder
DMI sensor q’ty1pc
GPS locatinghorizontal within ±2meter


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