Industrial Humidity and Temperature Meter

Industrial Humidity and Temperature Meter

【Humidity Range】 0% ~ 100% RH
【Temperature Measurement】 – 30 ℃ ~ 100 ℃, – 22 °F ~ 199 °F
【Application Scope】Temperature and humidity detection

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The industrial hand-held digital Humidity & Temperature Meter is designed to combine the functions of humidity meter, temperature meter, air temperature, dew point temperature, wet bulb temperature, ° C / ° f conversion, maximum value, and data holding function.

The handheld humidity and temperature meter can be used in family living environments, refrigerators, and freezers to ensure that food is kept fresh, the temperature and humidity measurement of offices, laboratories, greenhouses, and other environments. In general, It is an ideal humidity & temperature meter instrument with scores of practical applications for laboratory, industrial, engineer, and professional use.


  • Temperature and humidity measurement
    Non-contact temperature and relative humidity measurement.
  • Liquid Crystal/HDDisplay
     Backlight Dual display temperature & humidity, which makes it easier to read data
  • Compact Design& More Convenient
    It has its own support frame and can also be equipped with a tripod independently.
  • Low PowerReminder
  • Unit Conversion
  • Automatic Shutdown
  • Data Retention
Industrial Humidity and Temperature Meter

Product Structure

The temperature and humidity sensor is mainly composed of humidity sensitive capacitance and conversion circuit. The humidity sensitive capacitor is composed of glass bottom lining, lower electrode, humidity sensitive material and upper electrode. The two lower electrodes are connected in series with the two capacitors composed of the humidity sensitive material and the upper electrode. Humidity sensitive material is a kind of high molecular polymer. Its dielectric constant changes with the change of relative humidity of the environment. When the ambient humidity changes, the capacitance of the humidity sensitive element changes, that is, when the relative humidity increases, the humidity sensitive capacitance increases, and vice versa. The conversion circuit of the sensor converts the change of humidity sensitive capacitance into the change of voltage, which corresponds to the change of relative humidity 0 ~ 100% RH, and the output of the sensor changes linearly from 0 ~ 1V.

Technical Parameters

HumidityHumidity Measurement Range0%~ 100%RH
Humidity Resolution0.1%RH
Humidity Accuracy士2%RH (at 25°C, 20%~80%RH),士2.5%RH (other humidity)士3.5%RH
Air TemperatureTemperature Measurement Range-30°C~ 100°C,-22°F~199°F 
Temperature Resolution 0.1°C/°F
Temperature Accuracy士0.5°C/+0.9°F (at 25°C), 士0.8°C/+1.5°F士0.5°C
Infrared TemperatureTemperature Measurement Range -50°C~ 500°C
Temperature Resolution  0.1°C(<200°C);  1°C(>200°C)
Temperature Accuracy 士2%, 士2°C
Dew point temperature measurement-30°C~ 100°C/-22°F~1999F 
Wet bulb temperature measurement0°C~80°C/32°F~176°F 
Resolution0.1%RH, 0.1°C/0.1°F 
Response Time10S (90%RH under 25ºC)
Sampling Rate2.5 Times/Second
DisplayLarge 4-1/2 dual digital LCD display with backlight
PolarityAutomatic, (-) negative polarity indication.
Over-range “OL” mark indication
Adjustable Automatic ShutdownAutomatic / non-automatic shutdown are optional
Adjustable Shut down TimeShutdown time digitally adjustable from 1 to 120
Low Battery IndicationThe battery symbol is displayed when the battery voltage drops below

Note: The measuring range is from 0% to 100%, but above 80% and below 20% the deviation.

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