Laboratory LY Shaking Table

Laboratory LY Shaking Table

【Capacity】: 0.05-0.8 T/H

【Processible Material】:gold,chrome,tin,coltan,diamond ,tantalite ,silica sand

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Laboratory LY shaking table is suitable for technical research and development of laboratories in schools, colleagues and universities. It can also be used as gravity equipment in small scale mineral processing plant. The effect of the LY shaking table is almost the same as that of big size shaking table. LY shaking table features high enrichment ratio, compact structure and reliable operation.
JXSC is specialized in producing mineral processing machinery and equipment, experimental mineral processing equipment, environmental protection equipment, mineral analysis, mineral processing process design, equipment selection, equipment installation and commissioning in one of the large-scale mining services. Our main equipment is gold recovery equipment, crushing equipment, classification equipment, flotation, magnetic concentration, feeding equipment, gold trommel wash plant, desliming equipment, placer mining equipment, and so on. Among them, the development trend of gravity separation is very fast, and gravity separation is widely used in large and small concentrators, because of its strong advantages of environmental protection and low cost. The main application of gravity separation equipment is shaking table, glass fiber reinforced plastic spiral groove, Sawtooth Wave Jig, centrifugal concentrator and so on. Its applications include: Gold, tungsten, tin, nickel, chromium, copper, iron, manganese, titanium, bismuth, lead, zinc, tantalum, niobium, uranium and quartz sand, zircon sand, Barite and other non-metal recycling plays a key role.

Laboratory LY Shaking Table

Product Structure

The ore is fed into the trough and the water is supplied by the feed trough for lateral washing water, so the ore particles are layered according to the specific gravity and grain size under the action of gravity, lateral flowing water impulse, inertia and friction caused by the reciprocating asymmetric movement of the bed surface And the Longitudinal motion along the bed surface and the lateral motion along the inclined bed surface. Therefore, the ore particles with different specific gravity and particle size gradually fan down from side a to side b along the respective direction of movement, respectively from the concentrate end and the tailings side of the different areas of discharge, and finally be divided into concentrate, middling and tailings.
According to the different position of ore feeding, the shaking table can be divided into the right type and left type. The feeding position of the right-type shaking table is on the right side of the shaking mechanism, and the feeding position of the left-type shaking table is on the left. The 6-s shaking table has the advantages of high ore-rich ratio, high separation efficiency, easy supervision and easy adjustment of stroke. When the transverse gradient and stroke are changed, the bed surface can still run in balance, the spring is placed in the box, the structure is compact, and the final concentrate and final tailings can be obtained at one time.

Technical Parameters

Deck Sizemm2100×1050×8501100×500×430
Transverse Tilt of Deck°0-80-10
Feeding Sizemm0.074-20.074-2
Feeding Density%10.0-30.010.0-30.0
Processing Capacityt/hr0.3-0.80.05-0.2
Water Consumptiont/hr0.2-10.1-0.5
Motor PowerkW1.11.1

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