Laser Plummet

Laser Plummet

【Laser Range】≥ 200m
【Laser Wavelength】 650nm
【Power Supply】 No. 5 batteries *2
【Application】It is widely used in construction, industrial installation, engineering supervision, and deformation observation.

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The laser plummet is an optical instrument that gives the vertical line of lead based on the gravity line. It can be used to measure the small horizontal deviation relative to the plumb line, carry out the point transmission of the plumb line, the measurement of the vertical contour of the object, and the vertical transmission of the orientation.


  • Laser Spot Visible From Eyepiece
    Clear visible laser can be directly observed through a telescope. The laser has the function of pointing at the same time, and the visual effective distance is 100 meters.
  • Protection Against Water/Dust
    IP54 water resistance assures protection against splashing from any direction.
  • The output laser brightness can be adjusted
    The illumination of the laser can be adjusted according to the use environment.
Laser Plummet

Product Structure

The general accuracy of the plumb aligner is 1 / 40000, 1 / 50000, and 1 / 100000. After strict leveling, two vertical lasers can be emitted, one up and one down. The structure diagram of the instrument is shown in the left figure.

The structure comprises an upper laser, wherein an upper laser protecting cover is arranged at the upper end of the upper laser, the lower end of the upper laser is arranged in an upper laser base; the upper laser base is fixed through an adjusting jackscrew; an upper laser base conical surface is arranged on the upper laser base contacted with the adjusting jackscrew; a positioning cushion ring and a positioning pressing ring are sequentially arranged at the periphery of the upper laser at the upper end of the upper laser base; and the positioning pressing ring wraps the upper end of the upper laser, the positioning cushion ring and a part of the upper laser base and is positioned in the laser protecting cover. The jackscrew jacks the upper laser base conical surface, so axial compressing forces at four places are generated while a laser group is horizontally adjusted; the positioning cushion ring and the positioning pressing ring are adopted for axial positioning, so the positioning is reliable, and a laser plummet is easy to detach during maintenance; and the upper laser protecting cover covers the adjusting jackscrew and the pressing ring, so the structure is safer, and the laser position of is not affected during screwing. A temperature test, an impact test and a high-frequency vibration test verify that the structure is stable and reliable.

Technical Parameters

Angle value of long level20”/2MM20”/2MM
TelescopeEffective aperture36MM36MM
Magnification25 Times25 Times
Field of view1°50′1°50′
Minimum focus distance0.8m0.8m
Vertical Alignment LaserWave length635nm635nm
Laser classLevel 2Level 2
Luminous power5mw5mw
Effective range of laserDaytime ≥ 200m, night ≥ 250mDaytime ≥ 200m, night ≥ 250m
Laser spot diameter≤3mm/50m≤3mm/50m
Coaxial error between collimation axis and vertical axis≤5”≤5”
Coaxial error between laser axis and collimation axis≤5”≤5”
Laser Point AlignerMinimum focus distance1.5m0.5m
Wave length650nm635nm
Laser classLevel 2Level 2
Output power≥0.7mw>0.1mw
Optical Point AlignerImageErect 
Field angle 
Focusing range0.5m ~ ∞ 
Power SupplyNo. 5 alkaline batteries *2
Normal Operating Temperature Range-10C~45℃


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