Magnetic Separator Tube


【Introduction & Application area of Davis tube tester machine, Davis tube】:
XCGS series Magnetic Tube is Davis Magnetic Tube Tester, it’s widely used in mining, metallurgy, geography testing. It’s used for testing the magnetic content in high magnetic density ore in the mineral processing operation.

【Work Principle of Davis tube tester machine, Davis tube】:
XCGS 50 magnetic separator tube lies between the two ends of the electromagnet, It is equipped with a glass tube to reciprocate and swing. when the sorted samples pass the magnetic field, the magnetic parts get close to the tube wall. the nonmagnetic parts are discharged after washed away by water during mechanical movement.

【Operation processing of davis tube tester machine, davis tube】:
1. install and check the machine is in good condition
2. prepare a 1-liter glass cup.
3. add the 20-gram mineral powder with 500ml water, and a small amount of alcohol, mixing it and place it at least 5 minutes.
4. set the magnetic intensity as a requirement.
5. use the clip to close the small hose, put one basin under the hose mouth, then start the machine.
6. add water to the glass tube until the water over the magnet head about 50mm.
7. add the mixture into the tube.
8. open the clip, so the non-magnetic powder will go with the water, and the magnetic mineral stays in the tube.
9. add water little by little from the top of the tube until all the non-magnetic powder goes away.
10.stop the machine and wash the magnetic mineral from the tube.

Magnetic Separator Tube

Product Structure

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Technical Parameters

Diameter of glass tube:50mmFrequency:70r/min
Distance between two head:50mmDensity:0-200KA/m
Feeding Size:-0.5mmPower:<500 va
Voltage:single phase 220vWeight:200kg
Overall Size:1000*800*500mmAccessory:exitation power 1 set

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