Davis Magnetic Separator Tube

Davis Magnetic Separator Tube

【Pole Pitch】: 52mm

【Magnetic Field lntensity】: 0-4500 GS (step-less regulated)

【Sample Granularity】: < 0.5 mm

【Application】: Mining, metallurgy, geology, and other laboratories.

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XCGS magnetic separation tube is a Davis analysis tube, which is equipment for checking ore in the separation process. It is used to determine the content of magnetic components of strong magnetic ores. 
XCGS Davis Magnetic Tube or Davis magnetic tester suit for the laboratories of mine, metallurgy, and geology.

XCGS 50 Davis Magnetic Tube 

  • The hoop is stable, it is not easy to make the pipe fall off, and the bracket is robust, resistant to aging, and not easy to damage.
  • The Davis analysis tube is accurate in testing and providing data analysis, and the magnetic tube controller is safe and adjustable.

New XCGS 50 Davis Magnetic Tube

  • The new XCGS 50 magnetic separation tube adopts the integrated structure of the whole machine. It can move at any time. The device has complete accessories, and the user can work after plugging in the power plug.
  • Each magnetic separation tube has been calibrated for the magnetic field strength to ensure the accuracy of the measurement.
  • Stepless linear adjustment of the magnetic field strength of XCGS 50  Davis magnetic tube so that we can adjust the magnetic field strength arbitrarily to meet users’ needs.
  • The Tesla meter (Gauss meter) directly measures the magnetic field strength, and the magnetic field strength is displayed digitally. (Changed the disadvantage of using the ammeter to indirectly show the magnetic field strength of the original magnetic field strength).
Davis Magnetic Separator Tube

Product Structure

【Structure】XCGS magnetic separation tube is composed of a host and excitation power supply.

【Working Principle】The XCGS magnetic separation tube(Davis Tube Magnetic Separator) is between the two ends of the C-type electromagnet and is equipped with a glass tube for reciprocating movement and swing. When the sorted sample passes through the magnetic field area, the magnetic part is attached to the tube wall, and it is non-magnetic. Part of it is washed and discharged by water during mechanical movement.

Technical Parameters

ModelXCGS 50New XCGS 50
Magnetic Field Parameters


Pole Pitch52mm52/27mm
Magnetic Field lntensity2500(200KA/m) GS (stepless regulated)0-3500/0-4500 GS (stepless regulated)


Glass Tube ParametersDiameterФ50 mmФ50/Ф25 mm
Oscillation Frequency70 times/min70 times/min
Migration Distance40 mm40 mm
Sample Granularity< 0.5 mm< 0.5 mm
MotorVoltage220 V380/220 V
Power250 W250 W
Overall Dimension(L*W*H)1000*800*500 mm1000*580*1300 mm
Weight200 kg258kg

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