SHY I Mini Rotary Kiln

SHY I Mini Rotary Kiln

【Capacity】50 Kg/h

【Application】Laboratory Mini Rotary Kiln applied in laboratory research and ore sample testing work, mainly in the metallurgy, geology, mining, chemical, building materials industries.

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【Description】Laboratory Rotary kiln/ mini rotary kiln is one small rotary kiln in rotary kiln equipment, can be divided into cement kilns, metallurgical chemical kilns and lime kilns according to different materials.
Product benefits:
1. rotating kiln technical performance and operation condition, to a large extent, determine the quality, output, and cost of enterprise products;
2. The kiln furnace body is made of 20G and Q235-B steel sheet with five mechanical properties, which is usually welded automatically
3. The end of the KILN is sealed with a steel sheet and a graphite flexible seal. The installation of the device is simple and convenient, and the use is safe and reliable.
4. Through technological innovation, the Rotary Kiln calcining system equipment adopts domestic and foreign advanced technology, such as hydraulic block wheel device, high precision metering Piston pump and speed control valve, and contact graphite block sealing device, etc. Stable performance, high yield, low energy consumption.

SHY I Mini Rotary Kiln

Product Structure

【Working Principle of Rotary Kiln】Rotary Kiln is made up of gas flow, fuel combustion, heat transfer and material movement. The Rotary Kiln can make the fuel burn fully, the heat of the fuel burn can effectively transfer to the material, the material receives the heat after a series of physical chemistry changes, then forms the finished clinker.
【Rotary Kiln Maintenance】Because the kiln tubes and electric heating elements are made of ceramic materials, they are handled and dismantled. And the use of the process should be avoided by severe vibration and beating, so as to avoid damage and fracture. In addition, the control box should also avoid vibration and high-temperature baking, so as not to damage the instrument. The rotary kiln should be placed smoothly and horizontally as far as possible.

Technical Parameters

Max temperature (℃)1300 automatic temperature control continuously adjustable
Furnace tube size (mm)Φ92*Φ100*1200
Furnace tube speed (r/min)0-3.3 stepless speed regulation
Rated power (kw/v)24/380
Motor power (kw/v)0.6/380
Angle of inclination (°)0-10
Controlled box size (mm)700*470*1350
Controlled box weight (kg)160
Weight (kg)775

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