Sieve Shaker

Sieve Shaker

【Capacity】: Depends on condition

【Feeding size】:0-5mm

【Procesible Material】: any kind small size minerals for sieving out a different size. Light/heavy Geological, metallurgical, chemical, building material, coal, mine, grinding wheel ceramic

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【Introduction】 Laboratory Sieve Shaker/ vibration screen, shaker screen is widely applied in laboratories for light, heavy Geological, metallurgical, chemical, building material, coal, mine, grinding wheel ceramic and pharmaceutical industries and research institutes, laboratory vibrating sieve is an ideal vibrating sieving machine for industrial sieves and screens of materials in the mining industry.
The vibrating screen is standard sieve analysis, the specification has 200 mm, 300 mm screen mesh sizes. Meet the building materials, geology, transportation, chemical, and other industries related test specifications, the sieving machine has the double movement of rotation and vibration, can control the screen time. Make full use of the eccentric principle to make the industrial sieves and screens platform surface regular vibration and top strike, replacing the advantages of manual screening of materials, with precise time, reasonable strength, uniform frequency and so on.
The vibrating sieve machine improved type not only has the technical functions of its prototype, but also can clamp sieve sets tightly as well as stop automatically. It can sieve products with multiple characteristics according to user needs.

【Features】 The vibratory screen has the advantages of advanced structure, good performance, large conversion range, strong vibration force, convenient use, good screening effect, convenient and flexible use of jacket, etc.
JXSC, 35 years of vibrating screen manufacturer, provides types of vibrating screens linear vibrating screen, circular vibrating screen, double deck vibrating screen. Click to know more mineral processing lab equipment.

Sieve Shaker

Product Structure

【Working Principle of Laboratory Sieve Shaker】The sieve shaker is used as the vibration source of the test screen. The vibration of the base of the test screen is driven by the vibration of the base, which is then transmitted to the standard test screen and the standard test screen placed on the base. The material particles smaller than the Mesh of the screen, the surface of the sieve analysis test are sieved into the lower layer of the sieve test, so that, only the material of the same size is retained in each layer of the test sieves. The separation of different particle sizes is achieved and the particle size composition of the material is determined. So that the material in the test sieves can effectively screen, classification, filtering purposes.

Technical Parameters

Sieve diameter200mmSieve stack height400mmAmplitude of oscillation12.5mm
Shaking frequency221/minKnocking frequence147/minUp and down amplitude5mm
Timer range0-60minsMotor power0.37kwvoltage380v
Overall dimension580*380*900mm

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