Small Flotation

Small Flotation

【Flotation Cell Capacity】: 0-8L

【Feeding size】: 0-0.25 mm

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【Introduce】 Small Flotation
XFDIII Single cell Laboratory flotation machine is widely used in geology, metallurgy, building materials, chemicals and other research institutions and laboratories for mining stirring, scrub, separation, and selection of a small number of ore samples and so on.
XFD Ⅲ floatation machine is Froth Flotation Equipment, uses inverter technology, variable speed impeller, digital display, and also change from the outside air to intake inflated with the precise adjusted, clear and stable display. According to user needs, FX Model Continuous Mechanical Flotation Machine can be equipped with a heater, temperature control device to control, display tank mine fluid temperature at any time. Small Flotation Machines can be equipped with additional water level automatically adjusts automatically administration and other devices can achieve a higher level of automation.
The flotation machines have a frame member, spindle transmission parts, locking parts, wiper parts, flotation tanks, outside the inflatable devices and electrical control components.
Gas of pump tank supply to the rotor agitation, and mix with ore fluid, the stator is cut to produce tiny bubbles mineralization.
Rotor speed is stepless and can be adjusted by the inverter.
Fixed flotation tank fasten by hand wheel drive screw clamp.
Shaving foam body, its trajectory is a circular motion.
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Small Flotation

Product Structure

【Working Principle of Small Single Cell Flotation】Single cell flotation machine is an important device to realize the flotation process with only one cell. Single groove flotation machine is suitable for the separation of colored ferrous metals, but also for non-metallic materials such as coal-sparkling stone, talc. The single groove flotation machine is driven by the motor triangle drive impeller rotation, resulting in centrifugal action to form negative pressure, on the one hand, adequate air and slurry mixing, on the one hand, mixing pulp and medicine, and at the same time refine the foam, Above the mineral-bonded foam, the mineral floats to the surface of the ore pulp to form mineralized foam. Adjust the height of the gate to control the liquid level so that the useful foam is scraped out of the scraper. The basic performance of single tank flotation machine requires good inflatable action, stirring effect, stable foam zone, continuous operation, and easy adjustment.

Technical Parameters

Groove Capacity (L)0.50.7511.538
impeller diameter (mm)Φ45Φ45Φ55Φ60Φ70Φ80
Rotary Speed of impeller (rpm)0-2800
Rotary Speed of scraper (rpm)15-30
Feeding grainularity (mm)0.25
Heater power (W)300
Temperature adjusting range50-150℃
Power (w)220
Dimension (mm)440*320*740520*338*770520*338*770570*330*870580*505*970
weight (kg)303035405080

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