Small Weak Intensity Wet Drum Magnetic Separator

Small Weak Intensity Wet Drum Magnetic Separator

【Capacity】: 20-60 Kg/Hr

【Feeding size】: <2 mm

【Drum Speed】: 25 r/min

【Application】: The wet drum magnetic separator is mainly used in metal beneficiation laboratories. It is not suitable for beneficiation tests with corrosive liquids.

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XCRS Wet Drum Magnetic Separator is a common low-intensity wet magnetic separators.It used for dressing the strong magnetic minerals (such as magnetite, hematite, titanium magnetite and pyrrhotite )
It’s used for the fine material with high magnetic density material, especially to remove the magnetic impurities from the powder or purify the magnetic material. It’s widely used in the field of metallurgy, powder metallurgy, chemical, cement, ceramics, wheel, food as well as deal with ash, slag, etc.

The magnetic separator is working together with an elevated slurry mixing bucket. And the magnetic density can be adjusted to be 1500-1800 Gauss.

XCRS Wet Drum Magnetic Separator Features
1. Electromagnet system and concurrent tank type.
2. Small in volume and light in weight.
3. Easy operation and convenient maintenance.
4. Uniform feeding of ores due to elevated agitating tank.
5. Wide range of magnetic intensity.

Small Weak Intensity Wet Drum Magnetic Separator

Product Structure

XCRS Drum Wet Magnetic Separator is composed of two parts: magnetic separator main body and power supply for the drum. The main body of the magnetic separator includes: frame, magnetic drum, ore tank, water spray pipe, driving device, and feeding hopper.
【Working Principle】
The drum is equipped with an open magnetic system, and the sorting tank adopts a downstream form, which can quickly sort out magnetic minerals when feeding ore. The magnetic minerals are magnetically attracted to the drum surface in the tank, shake off the mud and dirt under magnetic stirring, and finally discharge out of the machine with the help of flushing water as the drum rotates.

Technical Parameters

Drum Size(mm)Φ400×300Φ400×240
Drum Speed(r/min)2525
Magnetic Intensity (GS)1250 (100 kA/M)1250 (100 kA/M)
Feeding Size (mm)<2<2.5
Capacity (kg/hr)20-6020-50
Motor Power (kW)0.250.25
Overall Dimensions (mm)1515×1040×15001030×614×1196
Weight (kg)300200

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