Small Rotary Kiln

Small Rotary Kiln


【Application】Laboratory Small Rotary Kiln can be used in semi-industrial production, applicable to metallurgy, geology, mining, chemical, building materials and other departments.

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【Introduce】: SHY-11 Laboratory rotary kiln
Small rotary kiln/ Laboratory rotary kiln compared with the traditional tube furnace, its greatest advantage is that the furnace tube is rotating, the ore sample keeps turning during the process. Therefore, the processing quality is good, the efficiency is high, and the experimental data is close to the production status. Because the rotary kiln can discharge materials continuously, the processing of a large number of samples can show its advantages. In addition, the two ends of the rotary furnace tube are sealed, so the necessary conditions such as oxidation and reduction can be adopted in the process of use.
Application:SHY-11 Laboratory rotary kiln is a superfine grinding machine, is mainly suitable for the geological, mining, metallurgy, coal, building materials, light industry, chemical industry, electric power departments such as production and scientific research, coating, magnetic materials, printing ink, dye, food industry, and cosmetics industry. Laboratory rotary kiln can keep working in and out which makes it have a big capacity. The end of the furnace tube is seal measures that have protection, oxidation, and reduction.
Lab rotary kiln with reasonable structure, good sealed performance, high-efficiency sample preparation, a wide range of applications, a rotary kiln furnace can test and grinding all kinds of metal and non-metal ore sample. Rotary kiln design is available.

Small Rotary Kiln

Product Structure

【Working Principle of Small Rotary Kiln】Main parts of the rotary kiln are kiln body and electric control box, The KILN body part adopts the clay circular hearth with 9 silicon carbon rods and ceramic furnace tubes. After electrifying, the silicon carbon rods produce high temperature and the furnace tubes are heated. Through the motor gearbox, drive high-efficiency shaft, and through the chain drive furnace tube rotation. The whole electric part of the rotary kiln is concentrated in the control box, and the electric signals measured by the thermocouple on the furnace enter the control box, through which temperature regulation and automatic control can be realized. The speed-regulating motor is also stepless regulated by the instrument on the control box.

Technical Parameters

Max temperature (℃)1600
Speed (r/min)0-5
Angle of inclination (°)0-10
Furnase tube size (mm)90*1000
Feeding size (mm)5
Furnase power (kw)6
Weight (kg)700
Motor power (kw)0.6

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