Small Shaking Table

Small Shaking Table

【Capacity】: 20-100 KG/H

【Processible Material】:gold,chrome,tin,coltan,diamond ,tantalite ,silica sand.

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【Description】 Small Shaking Table is mining laboratory equipment, which is smaller than that used in ordinary production, suitable for metallurgical testing and for small-scale concentrator limited by the site. Its dressing effect is approximately the same as that of large size shaking tables.
The shaker table is gravity equipment for laboratory study and ore test in the small concentrator mining plant. Laboratory shaker table is suitable for the separation of fine and fine rare metals, Ferrous, Non-ferrous metal, precious metals, etc.
The vibration shaker table can be used not only as an independent mineral processing equipment but also combine with other mineral processing equipment such as Jig, spiral separator, gold centrifugal concentrator.
The main parts of the mini gold shaker table are the head, motor, slope regulator, bed surface, ore trough, water trough, rifled strip, and lubrication system.
The shaking table is one of the main gravity separation equipment, shaking tables is widely used in the separation of tungsten, tin, tantalum, niobium, gold and other rare and precious metals. Industrial shaker table can be used for coarse sand (2-0.5 mm), fine sand (0.5-0.074 mm) and slime (- 0.074). A small shaker table can also be used to separate iron, manganese ore and coal. When tungsten and tin ores are treated, the effective recovery size range of the slime table is 2-0.22 mm.

Small Shaking Table

Product Structure

【Working Principle of the Small Shaking Table】The ore dressing process of the vibration shaker table is carried out on the inclined bed surface with multiple strips. The ore particles are fed into the ore trough at the upper corner of the bed surface, and the lateral flushing water is supplied by the Water Trough. Under the action of inertia and friction caused by the asymmetric reciprocating motion of the bed surface, the bed surface is divided into layers according to specific gravity and grain size, and moves longitudinally along the bed surface and laterally along the inclined bed surface. Therefore, the ore particles with different specific gravity and particle size gradually fan down from side a to side b along the respective direction of movement, respectively from the concentrate end and the tailings side of the different areas of discharge, and finally be divided into concentrate, middling and tailings.

Technical Parameters

Deck dimension(length*feed side width*concentrate side width)mm1100×500×430
Times of stroketime/min280-460
Adjustment range of deck slope°0-10
Feed sizeSlimemm0.074
Feed density%10-30
Water consumptionkg2-10
Power 0.55
Triangle beltr/minA-1245
Overall dimension(length*width*height)mm1730×500×800

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