XFDI Single Cell Lab Flotation

XFDI Single Cell Lab Flotation

【Capacity】: 0-8L

【Feeding size】: 0-0.2mm

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【Introduce】: XFDI Single Cell Lab Flotation machine
XFD Single cell laboratory flotation machine is always used in geology, metallurgy, building materials, chemical, and another industrial laboratory to float a small number of ore samples.
【XFD Series cell Flotation machine consists of the following main components】:
( 1 ) base ( 2 ) the carrier ( 3 ) the tank ( 4 ) stir part (5) blade part ( 6 ) spindle part ( 7 ) the cover ( 8 ) the motor ( 9 ) flow meter ( 10 ) switch controls ( 11 ) blade switch
All parts are fastened to the body, the spindle ( 1 ) rotates in the clockwise direction, the movement through a belt to the spindle pulley belt and the spindle pulley has three different speeds. Rotation of the blade ( 3 ) driven by the blade driven pulley the motor can have two different speed. The blade height can be adjusted by the position of the butterfly nut
Flotation machine is driven by V-belt drive motor rotating impeller to form a centrifugal vacuum, on the one hand, inhalation pulp mixed with sufficient air , on the other hand stirring the pulp to mixed with drugs, while refined foam, mineral adhesive foam on top, float to the surface and then form a slurry bubble mineralization. Adjust shutter’s height and control surface to scrape the useful foam.

XFDI Single Cell Lab Flotation

Product Structure

【Working Principle of Laboratory Flotation】The laboratory flotation machine has been widely used in mine and laboratory in China for flotation experiments. The production practice shows that the flotation machine has the advantages of reasonable structure, stable operation, reliable operation and high performance, and is suitable for color, Selection of ferrous and non-metallic minerals. The device has the following characteristics: the self-suction air, the pulp circulation characteristic is good, the air suction amount is relatively stable, the stirring intensity is moderate, the solid particles are well suspended, the liquid level is stable, and the power consumption is low.

Technical Parameters

Cell Capacity(L)0.50.7511.538
Rotary Speed of impeller(rpm)259025902100191018901400
impeller diameter
Rotary Speed of scraper (rpm)0-307.9、19.18.6,12.9,17.2
Feeding grainularity-0.25
Spindle motor51K90A-EF 2800rpm 90wJW6324 1410Rpm 250w
Boundary Dimension502*263*628560*310*590700*360*760
Total weight30325072

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