Diesel Generator Set Installation Manual

Published time:13 November 2021

Diesel Generator Set Installation Manual

Diesel Generator Set Operation and Maintenance Manual

In order to facilitate the scientific calculation of the unit warranty period and contact the user put into use as soon as possible, recommendations immediately after the units arrive to use the site installation and commissioning, and to arrange full-time staff responsible for the unit operation and routine maintenance work.

As a result of some special reason, the units need to be stored for some time, should be depending on the length of time to make reasonably practicable storage, the diesel generator sets long-term storage will have diesel engines and mainstream generators to form a decisive adverse effects, so correct storage is essential.

Diesel generator sets storage should be steps, including the unit is thoroughly cleaned, keep the unit dry and well ventilated, for replacement of the new lubricant, completely let go of the coolant tank and crew for rust treatment.

The storage location of the unit should be able to ensure that the trees, as well as items, are not to be hit in order to avoid hair damage. In addition, it is recommended that the user store for a separate warehouse and put an end to the inflammable and explosive materials on the diesel generators around, necessary to prepare some of the fire measures, such as the placing of the ABC class fire extinguisher.

To prevent moisture from entering the main alternator set of coils, as well as to minimize moisture condensation, so that the generator insulation performance even affected the unit can be used to keep the generator ambient dry, or use some special measures such as the use of appropriate heating and dehumidification devices so that the coil is always to maintain the necessary drying.

The storage unit should avoid overheating, too cold or rain, and sun.

Supporting the start battery is a lead-acid high-energy battery, and recommends users not to add electrolyte, as has been increased over, you should pay attention to every 5-8 weeks to fully charged before using the unit commissioning, to avoid battery damage or reduce the service life. Storage of the battery, you should avoid direct exposure to the sun or the rain too.

After a period of the deposit should be noted that the first check before the installation of the diesel generator sets for damage, a comprehensive inspection of the unit electrical part is oxidized, and all connected parts of the loose hair and the main generator still keep dry and the body surface whether the dry cleaning, etc., When necessary, take appropriate measures to deal with.

Installation Manual

The unit installation program should be the location of the installation of the selected unit; usually selected installation site, the majority are easy to use and distribution connected economy and the use of unit maintenance is based on.

  • Ensure that the engine room into the exhaust fan is smooth, the heat must be discharged from the radiator air deflector out of the room and prevent its reflux.
  • Ensure the smallest possible environmental pollution of noise and smoke when the unit is running.
  • Around the diesel generator sets should be enough space in order to facilitate the cooling of the unit, operation and maintenance, and so on. In general, at least around 1 to 1.5 meters, the upper 1.5 to 2 meters or less, does not allow any other objects.
  • Ensure that the unit is from rain, sun, wind and overheating, freeze damage, damage.
  • Around the unit to eliminate the storage of flammable and explosive objects.


  • The basis of the base for mounting and diesel generator sets is very important, it must meet the following requirements.
  • Have sufficient rigidity and stability, in order to prevent deformation affecting the concentricity of the diesel engine and main alternator and accessories, etc.
  • Attract the vibration generated by the plant operators to minimize the vibration passed to the foundation and walls, etc.
  • Basis should be as smooth as possible.
  • Conditional reserve sewage tank, so that wastewater waste oil flow in a timely manner to go.
    Reserve generator with output cable trench.

Typically, concrete installation is based on a reliable and easy installation, the user is given priority. Should ensure that the surface roughness of the concrete when pouring the concrete base, no damage, it is recommended that the user uses in conjunction level meter or similar instrument for the installation of the unit and its exhaust system.
In general, diesel generator sets of concrete platform height of only between 100-200mm on it. Subsoil for the production of the concrete platform must also have sufficient bearing strength to withstand the total weight of the concrete foundation of the entire device above it.

Reduce the shock

Has provided efficient shock absorber users with diesel generator sets for users. According to the mounting holes on the unit chassis, refer to the unit installation diagram, the unit shock absorber is placed in a flat, solid foundation. This can effectively reduce the vibration and impact of the building when the unit operates, so no special requirements, it is not recommended on the basis of the additional damping treatment measures.

In addition to the Unit and the shock absorber on the basis, other parts of the unit and external connections should be flexible connections. For example, the shock absorption of the exhaust pipe unit complete set corrugated pipe connection; exhaust pipe, fuel inlet pipe to the return pipe, distribution cables through a flexible connection, so as to minimize the unit run on the shock of the surrounding object.


When a unit with an integral heat sink is installed in the engine room, the most basic principles of hot air in the engine room discharge room, outside the room cold air into the engine room, and to minimize hot airflow.

Protect the network, installed in the inlet and outlet shutters or bend more, its effective flow cross-sectional area will reduce the resistance will increase, therefore, it is necessary to further increase the circulation area.

Under normal circumstances, the amount of air discharged by the fan is enough to meet the requirements of the engine room ventilation.

The engine intake air temperature should be below 40 ℃. If the intake air temperature is consistently higher than this value, the engine output power will be reduced and must therefore be timely to introduce fresh air from outside the room to provide gas to the engine.

If the engine configuration of a remote radiator must be considered forced ventilation to the engine room.

Engine equipped with a thrust fan, it is best to use a separate pipe to the crankcase exhaust air discharged outside the room, otherwise crankcase exhaust air is deposited on the radiator, the heat sink to the tainted dirt from the obstruction, thus reducing the cooling capacity.

Rule out the smoke

The standard configuration of the diesel generator sets, industrial heavy-duty muffler with the same specifications as the unit. Users can design their own installation of the engine room ruling out the smoke system design and installation of the ruling out the smoke system, but also taking into account the following aspects.

  • Ensure that the maximum allowable value of the entire exhaust gas back pressure is not higher than the engine requirement.
  • Fixed ruling out the smoke system so that the Ruling out the smoke manifold and turbocharger from the vertical pressure and lateral pressure.
  • Set aside room for l shrink to thermal expansion and contraction.
  • Room for the reserve unit vibration.
  • Reduce the noise of ruling out the smoke. A direct result of the ruling out the smoke pressure of the engine over the general assembly:
  • Loss of output power.
  • Deterioration of fuel economy.
  • The temperature of the ruling out the smoke’s rise.
    The industrial heavy-duty muffler which is with diesel generator sets for the absorption of this type of muffler, this muffler works inside the muffler installed to attract noise, reduce a wide frequency range of the noise. Muffler and ruling out the smoke tract value add up to get the whole system ruling out the smoke backpressure value.If you install more than one unit, as far as possible not to the exhaust of the unit from the same flue discharge.If the conditions permit to install a separate ruling out the smoke pipe, to ensure that no more than the unit total ruling out the smoke backpressure, slip the pipe to be security perfunctory prevent the return of activity partitions.

Rule out the smoke system should be the flexible corrugated tube to the ruling out the smoke pipe and the diesel engine turbocharger hose connection, it has three roles:

  • Weight and diesel isolate of vibration and ruling out the smoke pipes.
  • Compensation ruling out the smoke pipe thermal expansion.
  • If the diesel generator sets installed on the shelf, the compensation side of the pendulum movement when the unit startup and shutdown.
    Rain or condensation water into the engine ruling out the smoke system will cause serious damage. Thus, in the long charge exhaust pipe upload one outlet, its location as close to the unit.

Noise Reduction

Diesel generator set during operation, usually 90 ~ 100dB noise, but as the load increased, the noise also increased slightly. To meet the environmental sector around noise standards, noise and waste pollution, affect the surrounding residents live a normal life and not on the surrounding environment and take measures to reduce the running noise of the diesel generator is also extremely important.
The reduction project is a multi-disciplinary engineering, design, and construction unit noise reduction program, the user should fully take into account the normal operating needs, minimum air volume standards and discharge back pressure can not exceed the reference value. Otherwise, it will seriously affect the power output of the unit, the unit body’s temperature to rise higher, the unit frequently fails, and even shorten the life of the diesel generator set.
Diesel generator set provides two heavier muffler or one-piece silent type units for users to choose from.

Diesel generator sets all come with fan closed-loop liquid cooling. Its cooling system loops basically consists of the following components:

  • Pump
  • Waterways of the engine cylinder
  • Thermostat
  • The bypass pipe between the thermostat and water pump
  • Water tank of the radiator
  • Pipes and hoses
  • Oil cooler
  • Coolant filter(Some models)For non-standard units, such as sub-tank units, the water tanks radiator should heat exchanger instead of, as well as to supplement the water tank and remote cooling fan. If the remote cooling fan installation location is relatively high, but also increase the transition tank to prevent damage to the heat exchanger due to internal pressure being too large.Radiator chip on a stick all kinds of dirt will greatly reduce the radiator cooling performance, so in dusty environments, regular cleaning of the radiator is necessary.

1. Coolant

Engine coolant has the following three functions

  • Provide sufficient heat transfer capability
  • To prevent cooling system corrosion of metallic materials
  • Provide sufficient freezing capacity

The coolant should be the rust-proof solution of water and antifreeze or water mixed into, the PH value of water should be between 6 to 8, usually suggested the use of pure water. In areas where ice, containing 40% to 60% of antifreeze in the coolant, it is recommended that 50% of the units antifreeze and 50% pure mixture of water and should be prepared separately in a separate container and mix and then adding a water tank, antifreeze capacity of up to -30 ℃ around.
The selection of qualified brands of coolant is critical to ensure the normal use of the engine. Not recommend that users add more than 60% antifreeze in the coolant, otherwise it will reduce the cooling performance of the diesel generator sets. The use of anti-rust fluid instead of antifreeze can be in no danger of icing areas. Antirust liquid and pure water mixing ratio of about 1:30, you can reach a good anti-rust and will not reduce the cooling performance of the unit, the unit operation should be to the state of the heat engine filling antirust liquid to get the best corrosion protection. Do not add any kind of antifreeze and antirust liquid to the economic mix, because it will produce large amounts of foam and reduce the cooling performance.

2. Coolant Replacement

The coolant should be replaced every two years in order to avoid the precipitate in the cooling system and reduce the cooling performance. Another reason to replace the coolant is to avoid the danger of the unit corrosion over time, rust will prevent the effective performance of the coolant and the water temperature sensor failure.
Replace the coolant, the system should first rinse with water when cleaning we have to wait out of the water is very clean. The discharge of the coolant ensures that the unit shuts down and the body cools completely, then opens the tank fill port cover. Then open the emissions cap or drain plug. If the unit to install a coolant filter (some models), should remove the filter, and replace it.

3. Coolant Added

  • Add coolant to the cooling system, to ensure that their emissions cap is closed and the drain plug is in the correct position.
  • Added to the cooling fluid from the system too quickly to avoid the formation of air bubbles fault system.
  • Air to be discharged through the filler or the exhaust valve. If the cooling system connects the heater, heater control valve to open, the injection should be kept in the ventilation unit.
  • Injected into the coolant, the liquid level should be located in the fill port plug welding surface 5 cm (or coolant level indicator scale line). Ensure the unit shuts down and cools completely before they can join the coolant, and shall not be initiated before the processing enough ventilation unit. Coolant increases it should be noted that the start and warm-up unit. Also check the cooling liquid, if necessary, supplement with the original cooling system to the same specifications as contained in the coolant should be added to the tank.
  • Part of the unit is equipped with coolant filters, before officially put into use, open the filter valve (handle to a vertical position).

The main function of the engine is lubricating oil between the engine running to provide a long-lasting protective film to reduce friction between the various wear at the same time prevent the various components of surface corrosion. The hot cylinder and bearing on the dependence of the lubricating oil film are extremely high. Lubricating engine parts there is a very important cooling effect.

Lubrication systems, lubricants, and lubricating oil filters must be replaced by usage and time on a regular basis.

Lubricating Oil

Generator sets generally at room temperature suggested the use of lubricants (15W/40CF), users can use according to their environment and conditions of the decision to use donated the brand of lubricants (0 ℃ ~ 40 ℃ with 15W/40, 20W/40, 0 ° C ~ 10℃ 15W/40, 30 ℃ ~ 30 ° C use 15W/40).

Every time a user starts to examine the need to add lubricant, in the long run, (6 to 8 hours/times) oil level should be checked regularly to ensure the normal work of the unit lubrication system must be based on the location of the lubricant oil standard.

Use of good quality, suitable viscosity, and require periodic replacement of oil is critical of the diesel generator set to the normal operation of use: using the wrong model, the poor quality of lubrication or long-term replacement of oil due to unit failure, will not be warranty service.

Diesel generator set to enter fuel diesel is clean, not including air and water, have the right pressure, and the fuel sulfur content must meet national standards, using the temperature level to meet the temperature requirements of the user field.

1. Tank

Our company can provide the standard fuel tank as an option by the user decide whether to buy. Users to produce their own fuel tank, it should be noted that Works with the production of the fuel tank with stainless steel or steel, Do not paint or galvanized inside the fuel tank, to prevent the diesel they may react chemically to produce impurities that may cause unit damage and reduce diesel quality, cleanliness and efficiency of combustion. And tank should have the following configuration

  • Tank at the top of the ventilator
  • Oil sight glass
  • Tank at the bottom of the sewage valve.
  • Refueling before the mouth of each tank connected to the cable.
  • Tank oil supply and oil return area shall be provided with a perforated partition in order to reduce the heat exchange.
  • Tank for the tubing end position should be higher than the bottom of the tank about 50mm to prevent sediment and water be sucked into the oil supply line.
  • Some unit oil tank above the engine fuel injector location, to prevent the injector back to the oil, difficulty in starting.

2. Tubing

  • Tubing direction should be avoided fuel over-cooling unit
  • Before the fuel injection pump fuel up to allow meter temperature is 60 ° C
  • Must ensure that the inlet pipe and return pipe is not leaking, it is very important.

Hose connection between the unit and the pipeline road, if the unit is the use of flexible (shock absorber) installation must be fitted with a hose.
Tubing diameter should be more than 8mm, If the fuel pipe length is greater than 6 meters, the diameter should be increased more than 20%. The return pipe should be pulled back to the top of the tank should not be directly connected to the inlet pipe.

Provide a ready-made tank, pipeline, oil level gauge with base fuel tank unit has user.

3. Fuel

The work of the fuel composition on diesel engine life and emissions components have a very significant impact, in order to obtain the required power, fuel economy and achieve the required emission standards, should only use the fuel to meet international and national standards, these standards fuel sold in the markets of the minimum requirements, these standards are generally prepared jointly by the oil and auto industries.

Low-temperature properties of the fuel sulfur content, specific gravity, and moisture content should be indicators that we must first understand the user to select the fuel quality, the quality will directly affect the start of the diesel generator sets, lubrication, power output, emissions, fuel filter replacement cycle, and other properties.

Unit failure, caused by the use of low-grade fuel will not get warranty service.

Diesel generator sets are equipped with the unit control panel, the different types of the control panel will meet the different users use:

  • Standard screen: the manual control screen, users simply want to unit start-up battery access, you can place by start and stop at the system unit.
  • Start the control panel: the unit is both local manual control by an external signal line to be able to remote start and stop (control), the user must correctly signal line access to the screen. (See control panel with random data).
  • “Remote” with communication fully automatic control panel: with the screen function from the start, but also has the means of communication, specific communication, and the communication protocol, please refer to the random data.
  • “ATS” screen (optional): power generation / electricity automatic transfer switch control panel. (See control panel with random data)
  • And machine screen (optional): two or more automatic (manual) and the machine control panel. (See control panel with random data)

Diesel generator sets the standard configuration with matching with the unit start-up battery, the battery electrolytic liquid to start the battery before use, user-share standard. Unscrew the top cover of the battery cell, slowly inject into the electrolyte until the panel, tick marks in the internal extreme (no more than). Battery at rest, plus a good, please do not immediately use, should be allowed to be placed about 30 to 60 minutes. Low ambient temperature, standing time is extended. (See battery instructions).

Users can use the battery standard units supporting the battery cable, then press the red is extremely black (or blue), then negative, the correct motor end connection with the unit. diesel generator sets most of the unit does not allow negative battery directly connected to the chassis. The reservoir of energy to start the battery, a diesel engine will determine the matter successfully start within the specified time.

Diesel generating sets in operation bring their own charging generator is responsible to start the battery continuously charged.

To ensure the positive and negative connection is correctly reversing these occurring faults. Unit into operation, the battery cable shall not be disconnected!

Diesel generator set power distribution output, through the unit side and the capacity of the units to match the molded case circuit output open space, the open space unit to control the screen or on the side of open space cover can handle direct operation, carried out together,sub-gate. The purpose of the air switch is the current protection unit alternator is not overloaded with work or other people often impact damage. The open space has a high breaking capacity and automatic fault tripping capability, the user carries out the electrical connection directly from the air to open the bottom of this power cable to the load can be.

The power unit and machine units sets of electric outlet screen or the screen of units within the open space cover, molded case circuit open space, power output control to protect the unit main circuit breaker replacement by the above screen.

Installed plant power distribution output, self-configuration to meet the safe carrying capacity of the cable to the electricity outlet screen or screen machines and to ensure that the power generation output phase sequence is correct.

Diesel generator sets heater installation and commissioning at the factory, the user simply connected to the power supply (fuel) required can be put into work.

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