Diesel Generator Set Maintenance

Published time:13 November 2021

Diesel Generator Set Maintenance Manual


Maintenance is vital in order to obtain the unit’s maximum operating safety and service life the unit on a regular basis, if strict compliance with the relevant regulations of the unit maintenance, we can guarantee the performance of the unit each to avoid damage to the environment.

1. Engine maintenance

Each time before starting

  • Check the oil level
  • Check coolant level
  • Check the air filter blocked indicator
  • Check the radiator and external ventilation of
  • Check the engine drive belt group
  • Check the fuel supply situation

A long line of units should be checked once every 6 to 8 hours after the shutdown of the standby unit required to check all aspects.


The new units run from 200 to 300 hours

  • Check the valve clearance
  • Check the injector equipment

Each run 50 hours

  • Emissions from oil-water separator in water
  • Check the starter battery electrolyte-bit

Each run from 50 to 600 hours, or at least every 12 months

  • Replacement of oil and oil filter

Different according to the quality of lubricating oil and fuel sulfur content and engine lubricant consumption, the cycle of replacement of oil of each unit will be different.

Each run 400 hours

  • Check and adjust drive belt, replace if necessary
  • Check the cleaning radiator chip
  • Emissions from the fuel tank sludge matter

Each run 800 hours

  • Replacement of oil-water separator
  • Replace the fuel filter
  • Check the turbo for leaks
  • Check the air intake pipe for leaks
  • Check and clean the fuel pipeline

Each run is 1200 hours

  • Adjust valve clearance

    Each run is 2000 hours
  • Replace the air filter
  • Replacing the coolant
  • Thoroughly clean the water tank cooling chip and waterways

Each run is 2400 hours

  • Check the injector
  • A thorough examination of cleaning turbocharger
  • Comprehensive inspection of the engine equipment

2. Generator

Inside and outside of the alternator should be regularly cleaned, and cleaning frequency would depend on the unit and the environment. When cleaning is required, proceed as follows: disconnect all power to wipe all the appearance of dust, dirt, grease, water, or any liquid, mesh ventilation should be clean, because these things into the coil, it will coil overheating or damage to insulation. Best dust and dirt with a vacuum cleaner sucks it off, do not blow or high-pressure water jet to clean.

Resurgence required generator caused by the insulation resistance is lowered, the generator must be dried, drying approach and detailed maintenance refer to the random generator and maintenance manual.

3. Control panel

The unit control panel routine maintenance should ensure that the cleaning of the surface so that the instrument display is a clear and intuitive, flexible, and reliable operating button.

Unit in operation, vibration can cause the control panel meter zero deviation from the fasteners to lose, so the control screen calibration, fastening fittings, connect the linework on a regular basis is necessary.

The maintenance unit control panel must be in the detailed understanding of the control screen principle (see randomized controlled screen manual) before implementation.

4. Start battery

Long-term storage battery before use must be given the appropriate charge, in order to ensure the normal capacity of the battery. (Hydrometer to detect the actual capacity of the battery).

Normal operation and charging will lead to some water inside the battery are evaporated, which requires frequent battery rehydration fluid before, we should first clean filler dirt around, to prevent their falling into the battery cell, and then fill the mouth open, by adding an appropriate amount of distilled water or purified water, not to add too full (to the extreme battery plate scale standard), otherwise, the battery discharge / recharge the internal electrolyte gush from the mouth of the overflow hole, plus clear, corrosion damage caused by surrounding objects, and the environment.

Avoid the battery to start the unit at low temperature, low-temperature environment, the battery capacity will not be the normal output, and for a long time to discharge may be caused by battery failure (cracking or explosion).

Standby unit battery should be regular maintenance charge the battery, we recommend users to buy the battery float charger.

5. Maintenance records

User every time a detailed record of maintenance must be done.

Complete maintenance records are the basis of the maintenance unit, the unit can be a legitimate sale (warranty) the necessary conditions of service.

Maintenance log

Unit Model:Engine Model:Generator Model:
Unit Number:Engine Number:Generator Number:
Maintenance reasons: (regular maintenance, or failure to maintain)


MaintenanceCheck and adjustCleaning and


Maintenance Conclusion:
Maintain officers Signature:


6. Common fault lookup table

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