Beach Sand Heavy Mineral Beneficiation

Beach Sand Heavy Mineral Beneficiation

Release time:06 March 2023

Beach Sand Heavy Mineral Introduction

Beach Sand

Beach sand is the loose, granular material found on the shoreline of oceans, lakes, and rivers. It is typically composed of rock fragments, shells, and organic matter. Beach sand is generally light-colored and fine-grained, often used in construction and manufacturing as an abrasive material. It is used in constructing buildings and roads, as a raw material in manufacturing glass and concrete, and as a component of agricultural and industrial products. Beach sand can also be an essential source of minerals, such as silicon and titanium, used in various products.

Beach Placer & Beach Sand Heavy Mineral

Beach placer refers to the secondary enrichment deposit formed by the accumulation of heavy mineral debris in the coastal zone due to the action of rivers, waves, tides, and ocean currents. Beach sand heavy mineral is a placer deposit of heavy minerals, e.g., zircon, ilmenite, rutile, magnetite, garnet, leucoxene, kyanite, or monazite.

Beach Sand Beneficiation Process

Beach sand processing involves gravity, magnetic and electrostatic methods to extract minerals of economic benefit from mined deposits, translating into ilmenite, rutile, and zircon concentrates.

  • Beach sand processing widely uses gravity separation to separate quartz and calcite and achieve pre-enrichment or obtain rare earth concentrate. The commonly used gravity separation equipment is the spiral chute and shaking table.
  • Weak magnetic separation often separates ilmenite from monazite, and strong magnetic separation separates monazite from zircon, quartz, and other minerals.
  • Electrostatic separation widely uses in separating rare metal minerals(such as zircon, ilmenite, monazite, and tantalum-niobium ore.)

Beach Sand Processing Plant

Raw Material: Beach sand contains rutile, monazite, zircon, ilmenite, and magnetite ores.

Capacity: 100TPH


  1. Remove the above 2mm impurities.
  2. Separate rutile, monazite, zircon, ilmenite, magnetitefrom the beach sand.

Equipment Used: Feeder, vibrating screen, belt conveyor, slurry pump, magnetic separator, spiral chute, shaking table, dryer, electrostatic separator.

Beach Sand Process Flow Description

  1. The excavator or Loader feeds raw sand to the raw ore bin, and then the electromagnetic vibrating feeder feeds the sand to the vibrating screen.
  2. Vibrating screen with one layer screen with 2mm mesh size to remove above 2mm impurities.
  3. Below 2mm, go to the magnetic separator by slurry pump for separating magnetite.
  4. The output of the magnetic separator is sent to the spiral chute by a slurry pump. Through gravity separation method to remove light minerals.
  5. The spiral chute gravity separation plant has two stages: the middling from the first stage spiral chute plant goes to the second stage spiral chute for reprocessing.
  6. Send all concentrates from two stages of spiral chute plants to 1st double drum magnetic separator for separating ilmenite.
  7. The output of 1st double drum magnetic separator is sent to the Shaking table by a slurry pump for removing light minerals by gravity principle.
  8. The Shaking table has two stages: the middling from the first stage shaking table is sent to the second stage shaking table for further processing by a slurry pump.
  9. Send all concentrates from the two stages of shaking table plants to the rotary dryer for drying material.
  10. After drying, dry materials through the hoist machine to the 2nd double drum magnetic separator to separate ilmenite.
  11. Send the other minerals from 2nd double drum magnetic separator to 1st electrostatic separator through the hoist machine for separating rutile, and then use the hoist machine to send the non-conductive minerals(from the 1st electrostatic separator) to 2nd electrostatic separator for separating rutile, the non-conductive minerals (from 2nd electrostatic separator) to 3rd electrostatic separator for separating rutile. Three times electrostatic separation improves the rutile grade.
  12. Other minerals from the 3rd electrostatic separator go to the double roller strong magnetic separator via a hoisting machine for separating zircon and monazite.

Beach Sand Heavy Mineral Separation Consultation

JXSC has been supplying mining equipment and processing plant layouts for global over 35 years.
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Our Beach Sand Beneficiation Plant Cases

20tph beach sand mining plant

20TPH Beach Sand Mining Plant in India

Purpose: Separate the zircon, rutile, and ilmenite.
Main Equipment: Spiral chute, slurry pump, shaking table, bucket elevator, belt conveyor, electric separator, magnetic separators(double drum magnetic separator, intensity magnetic separator), etc.,

300TPH Beach Black Sand Processing Plant in Sudan

Raw Ore Information: Magnetite 6.89%, ilmenite 21.72%, zircon 1.49%, rutile 0.34%, garnet 1.5%, monazite 0.1%, keratitis 50%, and other minerals of no recovery value.
Purpose: Recovery of the zircon sand, rutile, ilmenite, garnet, etc. 
Main Equipment: Electromagnetic vibrating feeder, vibrating screen, spiral chute, shaking table, drying machine, bucket elevator, belt conveyor, electrostatic separator, magnetic separators(roller dry high gauss magnetic separator, two-drum magnetic separator), etc.,

beach sand processing flow
60pth zircon plant

60TPH Zircon Rutile Ilmenite Sand Plant in Ghana

Raw Ore Information: beach zircon sand contains no clay.
Purpose: Heavy minerals(zircon, rutile, iron, titanium) recovery. 
Main Equipment: Vibrating screen, slurry pumps, spiral chute, etc.,

20TPH Tin Ore Processing Plant in Indonesia

Raw Ore Information: Beach sand tin ore without slime.
Purpose: Improve the grade of tin concentrate to higher than 70%.
Main Equipment: Vibrating screen, spiral chute, shaking table, belt conveyor, slurry pumps, three disc magnetic separator, etc.,

20TPH beach sand tin ore process flow

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