How to Build a Mine Laboratory?

Published time:19 October 2021

Laboratory analysis is called the eye of the mine by the mining industry. Every mine is inseparable from exploration, mining, beneficiation, product sales, and other links. According to the laboratory construction experience and combined with the actual situation of the mine, we discuss when to build a laboratory in the mine, how to establish a laboratory, and other things refer to the mine laboratory.


Purpose and Requirements of The Mine Laboratory

The main purpose of the mine laboratory is to provide services for production and conduct targeted analysis of ore for mining, beneficiation, and subsequent resource exploration. Mine laboratories generally only do routine laboratory analysis. It requires that the investment in laboratory equipment is as small as possible, the test is fast, and the technical difficulty required is relatively low.


Time Selection of Mine Construction Laboratory

Mine development generally involves exploration, design, mining, beneficiation production, and product sales. Generally, in the exploration stage, most mines entrust qualified exploration units to conduct exploration work, and the exploration units take a large number of ore samples during the exploration process. Carry out a lot of analysis and research on the ore. This requires the laboratory to be able to analyze a large number of mineral samples, and at the same time have relatively complete laboratory analysis equipment and a higher level of laboratory analysis personnel. This is something that ordinary mines cannot achieve, and it is unnecessary. There is no need to build a laboratory in the mine during the exploration phase.


When will the construction of the laboratory start? We believe that the construction of the laboratory should be considered when the mine decides to start the preliminary preparation of the mine. The construction of the laboratory should be earlier than the construction of the processing plant. This is because it usually takes more than half a year for the construction of a concentrator to start small-scale production, and more than one year for large-scale mines. At the same time as the construction of the dressing plant, the mining work has almost begun. The laboratory can be put into the test in advance, which is very useful for the guidance of mining work.


For the specific time, we suggest that after the general drawing of the design institute is published and the location of the laboratory is determined, the design of the laboratory should be started first, and the construction of the laboratory should be started first.


The Conditions That The Mine Laboratory Should Have

1. Laboratory site selection and room function configuration.

The laboratory is generally located at a location with better ventilation, far away from the living area of the mine, and close to the processing plant. Whether large mines or small mines, it is recommended that the laboratory be built separately. On the one hand, it avoids pollution, on the other hand, it is easy to manage.

2. General small laboratory room requirements

  • Operating room: generally one room is enough, generally larger than 12 square meters.
  • Instrument room: A separate room is required to avoid corrosive acid gas in the operation room from corroding the analytical instrument and affecting the precision of the instrument.
  • Balance room: The office can be used or set up in isolation in the instrument room and operation room. Pay attention to the electronic balance to prevent corrosion.
  • Sample processing workshop: place crushing and grinding equipment, and mines with conditions that are best equipped with ventilation facilities.
  • Simple material library and sample library.

3. Required hardware requirements for the laboratory

Usually, hydropower is a necessary hardware requirement, and three-phase power is used for power. Ventilation facilities are also essential, especially the heating and acid dissolution process in the operation room must be carried out in a fume hood. In addition, the laboratory must have drainage facilities.


The Cost of Laboratory Investment

The cost includes housing facilities, house decoration of the laboratory, operation desk and ventilation facilities of the laboratory, laboratory equipment, etc., We can configure these things according to the specific conditions of the mine. Here we introduce some laboratory equipment.


Our mining laboratory equipment

Lab Crusher

Laboratory Disk Mill: It is used for medium hardness ore crushing, laboratory disk mill is metallurgical, geological, building materials, chemical industry laboratories or laboratories, materials crushing equipment.

Laboratory disk mill (6)


Small Roll Crusher: It applies to mine, cement, coal, metallurgy, building materials, roads, fire, and other departments chronology medium hardness and brittle materials.

Small Hammer Mill: It is a kind of a crusher that can directly crush the materials with the maximum particle size of 50-150 mm to less than 1,3,6 and 13 mm for laboratory sample preparation.
Small Jaw Crusher: It is mainly used for laboratory, crush ore, coal, gangue, coke, asphalt, etc.


Lab Ball Mill & Grinding

QM Cylinder Ball Mill, XMQ Cone Ball Mill, and XMB Laboratory Rod Mill.




Lab Gravity Separation

Small Shaking Table, Small Spiral Chute, Laboratory LY shaking Table, Small Jig Separator, etc.,


Lab Flotation Machine

Small Flotation, XFD Single cell LabFlotation, XFDI Single-cell LabFlotation, XFD-12 MechanicalCell Flotation.


Lab Magnetic Separator

small Weak intensity Wet Magnetic separator, Laboratory High-intensity Magnetic separator, and Magnetic Separator Tube.


Lab Screening & Sieving

Sieve Shaker, Small vibration Screen.


Lab Sample Pulverizer

It is for lab sample powder preparation testing, grinding rock minerals/coal/metals/building material, etc.



Lab Rotary Kiln

Small Rotary Kiln, SHY I Mini Rotary Kiln.

For the detail, please go to the mining laboratory equipment page.


The Staffing of The Laboratory

In general small mines, there are 3 people in the laboratory to basically meet the production needs. Large-scale mines are equipped with a large number of people, and generally, no more than 12 people are involved in sampling, laboratory analysis, and quality control. For personnel requirements, generally small mines need an experienced laboratory technician and two trained laboratory technicians at the same time. Large mines have higher requirements for laboratory technicians. A special quality inspection department is set up with corresponding personnel.


The basic requirements for laboratory construction are accurate and reliable data. It is best to build the laboratory through an experienced company. In addition, it is required to establish a set of strict management standards at the beginning of the construction of the laboratory. Conduct laboratory training for laboratory personnel, require laboratory personnel to operate strictly according to requirements, and implement a sampling inspection system at the same time. Make the laboratory truly play the role of its eyes.



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